Auto Gummy Kush genetics autofem

Auto Gummy Kush genetics is not big, but a very beautiful pant. It’s ideal for making extracts, as it’s rich in resins. This autoflowering hybrid is of the premium quality to satisfy any Indica fan. It is good for any grower, and it guarantees high yields with proper care.

Growing process:

Auto Gummy Kush genetics can be easily grown at a balcony, terrace, on the windowsill without attracting anyone’s attention as the plant is very compact. The plant needs abundant nutrition and soft soil, it can’t stand pressed soil.

Taste and effect:

Auto Gummy Kush genetics has a bright aroma and bubblegum taste with some hints of gas and earth. Its effect is strong and long-lasting. It’s a marvelous autoflowering strain to relax and to help with appetite disorders.