Auto Super Skunk genetics autofem

Auto Super Skunk genetics is the result of cross breeding Super Skunk and Lowryder Auto. It has the best characteristics of Super Skunk, and thanks to Lowryder Auto it has resistance to diseases and pests as well as fast flowering.

Growing process:

The plant likes a lot of UV light, so the outdoors is the best place for it, but in indoors it is preferable to grow under good quality lighting with the presence of UV spectrum. When growing Auto Super Skunk genetics stands training well, especially SCRoG. This yummy one appears to be undemanding and resistant to diseases and mold.

Taste and effect:

When smoking Auto Super Skunk genetics provides soft and sweet fume with a delicate hint of exotic fruit. Its powerful effect is good for relaxation and meditation. Due to its sedative effect it can be used for medical purpose to treat insomnia, depression, or Parkinson’s disease.