OG Russian genetics fem

OG Russian is a crossbreed of famous genetics: legendary OG Kush from the west coast of the USA, and very strong, undemanding White Russian rich in resins. As a result OG Russian has a bright earthy and a little woody aroma and a knocking effect.

Growing process:

At the end of flowering period the buds are covered with trichomes like with snow. It is rich in resins, so it is ideal for extraction. An average plant’s height is 120-140 cm. Its flowering phase takes about 8 – 9 weeks when switching to 12/12 light cycle.

Taste and effect:

OG Russian has a high THC level, so its effect is strong, balanced, and very body relaxing. It is very powerful, so you can appear not to need a second puff. Its taste and aroma are earthy and woody with lemon hints.