Auto AK XXL genetics autofem

Our breeders have crossed sweet Sativa dominant AK47 and powerful Auto AK to get a plant with a body effect and inspiring high. The plant is big like its photo periodical parent; it has a strong earthy aroma with hints of pine. It takes the plant only 7-8 weeks to mature and get ready for harvesting.

Growing process:

It take Auto AK XXL 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest indoors demonstrating its best results. It is goods for trainings and LST at its vegetative stage. The plant is about 150cm high, it is easy to grow. When flowering it produces dense medium-sized buds.

Taste and effect:

The jammy buds of Auto AK XXL genetics fill the air with a strong pine smell. It is recommended to experienced stoners looking for something new within well-known genetics. You can immediately feel its sick smoke and stoned effect with the first puff.