Auto Candy XXL genetics

Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica
Lifecycle: 70-85 days
Yields: Indoors – 400-550 g/m2
Outdoors – 60-300 g/plant
Height: 140 cm
Genotype: Crystal Candy Auto x Crystal Candy Auto
THC: 18%


Thanks to breeders’ hard work we have a new autoflowering Auto Candy XXL genetics. This hybrid is created according to the target to get hybrids with complicated flavoring properties and high yields. Well selected 4th generation Crystal Candy Auto was crossed to get this strain. As a result we have incredible Auto Candy XXL genetics with a sweet fruity aroma and much resin.


Taste and Effect

Auto Candy XXL genetics aroma is very complicated; it includes notes of fruit, strawberry, ripe melon, and a chewing gum. It provides an intensive stone effect, soft relaxation, and good mood.



Auto Candy XXL genetics is easy to grow. It grows fast and has a large number of side branches and cola above. The light green leaves are thin and long. If you grow outdoors, then Crystal Auto Candy XXL genetics needs a warm climate. At the same time, it stands low night temperatures.