Auto Caramel Cream genetics

Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica
Lifecycle: 75-90 days
Yields: Indoors – 350-500 g/m2
Outdoors – 35-100 g/plant
Height: 40-90 cm
Genotype: Cream Caramel Auto x Cream Caramel Auto
THC: 18%


We are happy to introduce you Auto Caramel Cream genetics, made on the basis of Cream Caramel genetics. Our breeders did their best to find the most juice and resistant phenotypes, so now we are proud of the result. Auto Caramel Cream genetics impresses everyone with its legendary genes, high yields, and sweet caramel taste!


Taste and Effect

Its taste is felt step by step: fruit and berry notes at the beginning and harsh earthy taste with notes of spices at the end. It has a strong and long lasting effect. It’s just made for relaxation and enjoyment. When affecting your body the mind stays clear, you just feel calm and happy.



The strain is well adapted for indoor growing, and thanks to its height (only 90 cm) is ideal for guerrilla outdoor growing. Auto Caramel Cream genetics is very forceful, unpretentious; it easily stands any beginner’s mistakes, providing good yields. One of the advantages is fast growing; one needs only 8 weeks to get the result. In a wink of an eye you will get up to 500 g/m2 indoors, or up to 100 g – outdoors. The buds, like of typical Indica, are heavy, strong, and resinous.