Auto Choco Skunk genetics

Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica

Lifecycle: 80-95 days

Yields: Indoor: 450-500 g/m2

Outdoor: 80-150 g/plant

Height:  80-100 cm

Genotype: Skunk х Critical Mass

THC: 17%


Auto Choco Skunk genetics  is an autoflowering version of a famous Chocolate Skunk, the result of crossbreeding Skunk and Critical Mass, with an autoflowering gene. It has the best taste characteristics, productivity and effect of its parents.


 Taste and Effect

Auto Choco Skunk genetics has the same organoleptic characteristics as  its parent Chocolate Skunk. Its hashish aroma stays long. It has a relaxing psychic effect on both your body and mind.



Auto Choco Skunk genetics grows fast from the very beginning, developing many side branches, and then producing lots of buds. It is easy to grow. The plant needs just a balanced nutrition and no over watering. The life cycle is very short (65-75 days), but the harvest is good (massive, compact and resinous buds).