Auto Color Punch genetics

Indica/Sativa: predominantly  Indica
Lifecycle: 75-90 days
Yields: Indoor: 300 – 400 g/m2
Outdoor: 150 – 200 g per plant
Height: 100- 180 cm
Genotype: Auto Purple Kush x Purple Kush
THC: 18%
CBD: 1%


Our breeders have crossed the terrific Purple Kush and its auto flowering version, so the world can finally see the tastiest, most powerful and the prettiest Auto Color Punch genetics! The result of this combination is a quiet long lasting and tremendously active body high. Plant itself is of medium sized, just like its photoperiodic parent. It has also inherited a thick, earthy smell with light coniferous hints. Flowering for 7-8 weeks is more than enough for this baby to get ready for harvest.

Taste and effect:

Sticky, smelly buds of Auto Color Punch fill up the air with coniferous and spicy notes and very bright aroma. This strain is suitable for those who are searching for that new thing amongst widely known and elegant genetics out there. The effect reaches you immediately, but still it is long lasting.


From seed to harvest Auto Color Punch needs approximately 9-10 weeks indoors, where this strain will show its best results. For vegetative stage it perfectly copes with training methods, especially LST. An average is around 120 cm. This strain is also pretty easy to grow, as it doesn’t require much care. When flowering the plant performs many cones with and densest buds that can show shades of purple at cold nights!