Auto Critical genetics

Indica/Sativa: predominantly  Indica

Lifecycle: 70-85 days

Yields: Indoor – 250-400 g/m2

Outdoor – 70-200 g/plant

Height:  40-95 cm

Genotype: Critical+ x Roadrunner

THC: 18%


Auto Critical genetics is an Indica dominant strain with such famous parents as Critical+ and fast flowering Roadrunner. We are sure, not only Critical fans, but all other guys will like it, as thanks to a successful selection it appeared to be really fast.


Taste and Effect

Auto Critical genetics’ taste and aroma have lemon notes, as well as wood and spices. Thanks to its THC level (18%) it has a strong relaxing body effect. In case you have a difficult working day, Auto Critical genetics can help to end this day well!



Auto Critical genetics is smaller and more compact than its parents. And it turns to be its advantage, especially for stealth growing. The plants do not exceed 1 m high and are well combined with local flora.  For its short flowering period Auto Critical genetics produces lots of trichomes filling the plants with fragrant resins. It is good for both beginners and experienced growers!