Auto Do-IZI-Dos genetics

Indica\Sativa: predominantly Indica
Lifecycle: 80 – 90 days
Yields:Indoor: 150- 450 g\m2
Outdoor: 50-150 g\plant
Plant height: 70-140 см
Genetics: Do-Si-Dos X Lowryder Auto
THC: 19%
CBD: 0.1%

Strain description:

Our new Auto Do-IZI-Dos genetics grow into a beautiful and massive plant with a nice smell and many trichomes. IZI breeders did their best to preserve all the organoleptical properties of its parent plants. Its creamy and fruity aroma will make you crazy!

Taste and effect

The aroma reminds of Girl Scout Cookies, but still has its own unique fruity hints. The taste is pleasant, and the smoke is very strong, it can even cause coughing and stoned effect.

Growing process:

Auto Do-IZI-Dos genetics has extremely dense buds, so it is necessary to control humidity level. The plant is hardy, but it is better to avoid over watering and overfeeding. The plant can resist little stress and develops pretty well.