Auto Gelato genetics

Indica/Sativa: 50% / 50%
Lifecycle: 74-78 days
Yields Indoor: 500 g/m2
Yields Outdoor: 50-180 g/plant
Plant height: 70-120 cm
Genotype: AK-47 x Gelato Auto
THC: High

This strain has an unequalled taste of ice cream from Gelato and unbelievable strength of AK-47 – this is our latest strain from Gelato Auto Genetics. Our team respects the impact of Alex the Joint Doctor and the breeders, who have put their soul into this hard-hitting frosty AK-47 genetics, so we are proud of our auto-flowering collection. Its genotype and two powerful and famous genetics will please all the tasty treat lovers!


This strain is good for any beginner, as it need no too much care and produces high yields. It’s prone to under-watering and low humidity and also has good resistance to fungi. But even those who know how to grow it right will be impressed with the immense yields. It can acquire purple shades and a powerful, sweet and fruity aroma as it comes to the end of the flowering process, growing in cool regions.

Taste and effect:

High THC content of this hybrid makes it incredibly potent and unforgettable! The high come smoothly and unexpectedly, but when it reaches its peak, it is not be messed with as AK-47 with an ice cream taste can shoot you dead! You have to be rather careful, as you can easily “whitey” right on your sofa just from a single puff! Besides, this strain is widely used as medical anaesthetic (headaches and muscle cramps).