Auto Hulk OG genetics

Indica/Sativa: predominantly Sativa
Lifecycle: 84-95 days
Yields: Indoor – 400 – 550 g/m2
Outdoor – 50 – 200 g/plant
Plant height: 110 – 150 cm
Genotype: Auto OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
THC: Medium


Auto Hulk OG genetics stands as the autoflowering counterpart to our acclaimed feminized Hulk OG. While slightly less potent, it upholds equal robustness and resilience, inviting enthusiasts into a realm of delightful flavors and tranquilizing effects.

Taste and effect

Immerse yourself in the enchanting taste and aroma of Auto Hulk OG. Predominant citrus notes with subtle hints of strawberry create a well-rounded and pleasurable flavor experience with every inhalation, making each session a sensory delight. Auto Hulk OG initiates a robust stoned sensation that profoundly relaxes both the body and mind. While maintaining a more compact form in its autoflowering nature, it promises resilience and a visually appealing aesthetic.


Auto Hulk OG genetics is designed for ease of cultivation, catering to both novices and seasoned growers. Witness the development of dense buds and a generous yield, embodying the strength associated with the mighty Hulk. The growth cycle typically concludes in less than 3 months from germination. The high resin content makes this variety ideal for extractions.