Auto Jack Herer genetics

Indica/Sativa: 50%/50%
Lifecycle: 70-85 days
Yields: Indoor – 400 g/m2
Outdoor – 50-120 g per plant
Plant height: 80-140 cm
Genotype: Jack Herer x Lowryder
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.6%

Strain description:

Auto Jack Herer genetics is an auto flowering version of the legendary Jack. Inheriting its name from ardent legalisation advocate – Jack Herer. Our breeders have been working hard and the fruit of their labour became a very strong auto flowering strain with THC content of 20%. It can be distinguished by its relatively fast flowering cycle of 7 weeks and high yields, which makes this strain unique.

Taste and effect:

A fiery sativa effect takes you far-far into space, while a wave of relaxation will please absolutely everybody. Strong high will not distract you from your duties, which makes this strain versatile. This strain would suit people looking to release stress, as well as artistic ones looking for that spark of inspiration. A strong fragrance of black pepper and spices adds its own flare, and smooth citrus-flavoured smoke brings heavenly pleasure.

Growing process:

The plant won’t be very big, around 100 cm tall. It’s a pleasure to see this baby grow, as she indeed grows very beautiful with plenty of branches. Lime-coloured leaves give it a flare. The strain doesn’t need much care and it even grows at low temperatures (12-15 degrees), which makes it perfect for Russian outdoors. We recommend finding a snug little field as the smell from Jack can spread very far.