Auto Mass genetics

Indica/Sativa: 50% / 50%
Lifecycle: 65-80 days
Yields: Indoors – 350-500 g/m2
Outdoors – 50-120 g/plant
Height: 80-150 cm
Genotype: Auto Critical x Auto AK
THC: 18%


The result of crossing Auto AK and Auto Critical is Auto Mass genetics, our new autoflowering strain with very high yields and nice characteristics. Our team worked hard to create a wonderful hybrid that is able to grow in any climate and is easily adapted to any growing method.



For a short vegetation period the plant can get a good green mass and develop a big central cola with lots of side branches. Auto Mass genetics can grow up to 150 cm outdoors in case of enough light and warmth. It grows only up to 80-90 cm indoors. Everyone will appreciate its resistance and unpretentiousness, as the plant can stand pathogens, high humidity, and mould.


Taste and Effect

Auto Mass genetics aroma reminds of sweet fruit and lemon including notes of mango and anise. With its 18% THC it has a balanced effect. It causes activity, euphoria, and relaxation at the same time.