Auto Mazzar genetics autofem

Hardy autoflowering Auto Mazar genetics is the result of crossbreeding original Mazar-I-Sharif genetics and Lowryder auto. Once tried, it will be difficult to forget this strain. It will most likely become your favorite.

Growing process:

The plant grows very fast within first 2 weeks showing well developed side branches. Its height is up to 120cm at the end of the flowering period, the buds are pretty heavy covered with trichomes. The plant needs good nutrition and easily resists stress, so it is good for beginners. But a little more love and care, and the result can please even a very experienced grower.

Taste and effect:

Auto Mazar genetics aroma is much like of the original Mazar, but with more pine and hash notes. The smell is especially strong at last weeks of flowering, that’s why can filter is a must! IZI breeders devote to all Afghani lovers.