Auto Scout Cookies genetics autofem

Scout Cookies is without a doubt in top three strains from the west coast of USA. Breeders from IZI Seedbank created an auto flowering version of this famous strain. It turned out as an indica dominant hybrid with a slight mix of sativa and Canadian ruderalis. Generally Auto Scout Cookies by IZI can be counted as one of the brightest and most exotic strains of their Seedbank. High THC content (~25%) and high yields make this strain a gem in the IZI line.

Growing process:

Scout Cookies by IZI is feminised and automated. The growing period ends on an 8-9 week mark from planting the seed. When growing it always reaches upward, with its’ leafs unfolding in a fan like manner, showing orangey-red colour. The plant gradually gets covered with white resin – a wonderful sight to witness. There is no need for excessive carefulness while it is at flowering stage, as ruderalis genes give it durability.

Taste and effect:

Sweet taste of SC will please anyone with a sweet tooth. This outstanding flavour with earthy notes became one of the favourite tastes for all cannabis lovers out there. SC primarily affects your brain and your physical state. This strain is for social smokers, as it guarantees a happy state followed by a good mood. It also activates your imagination, therefore it is a great fit for artistic individuals. Among other things this strain has therapeutic properties, helps to calm chronic pains and muscle cramps.