Auto Shkiper Kush

Indica/Sativa: mainly Indica
Flowering: 60-70 days
Yields Indoor: 500 – 600 g/m2
Yields Outdoor: 50 – 100 g per plant
Height: 50 – 70 cm
Genotype: Shkiper Kush х Lowryder
THC: 17%


Auto Shkiper Kush is an author’s strain created by breeder «Shkiper». The moto of his grower’s activity: “ Once Bob Marley was able to stop civil war by means of his songs, so I will do it by means of cannabis!“

Just for love to cannabis Shkiper had an idea to get sort of «happy swings» strain. It was supposed to be powerful and encouraging body and mind. After getting a photoperiodic version of Kush Shkiper crossed it with Lowryder by Sascha Joint Doctor. As a result we have an undemanding autoflowering strain of 50-70 cm high. So it’s ideal for growing in a very limited space. Auto Shkiper Kush is good for both beginners and experienced growers.



The plants are strong and compact with short internodes. They show active development at vegetative stage. They have 2 phenotypes: high – up to 80 cm, and low – up to 50cm. Auto Shkiper Kush is a strong plant good for growing indoors and outdoors, using any substrates or growing methods. It requires balanced nutrition, but it should not be overfed. Auto Shkiper Kush also likes SOG and SCROG. It has very dense buds.


Taste and Effect

Auto Shkiper Kush has a typical Indica effect: strong, body, positive stone with “little swings”. And its Sativa part provides a balanced cerebral effect, that helps you to relax. Its taste and aroma have notes of bubble gum and sweet fruit.