Auto Strawberry Banana genetics

Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica

Lifecycle: 84-95 days

Yields Indoor: 450-550 g/m2

Yields Outdoor: 70-250 g/plant

Height: 110-150 cm

Genotype: Banana x Strawberry Amnesia Auto

THC: Medium


Born from the meticulous selection of Banana and Strawberry Amnesia Auto genetics, Auto Strawberry Banana is a sensory masterpiece designed to enchant cannabis enthusiasts with a delightful experience.


Taste and effect

Indulge in an unforgettable flavor experience with sweet tropical strawberry notes accompanied by a subtle bubblegum undertone upon inhalation. The exhale unfolds a more pronounced flavor profile, delivering the luscious essence of ripe bananas with a robust earthy undertone. Auto Strawberry Banana, as an Indica-dominant hybrid, delivers effects that combine the best of both worlds. Auto Strawberry Banana’s buds often form a compact and tight structure, creating a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing cannabis flower.


Expect a well-structured plant that thrives indoors and outdoors, making it an accessible choice for growers of all levels. While this strain adapts effortlessly to different environments, growers should be mindful of its potential height. Providing proper support during the bud development phase guarantees a thriving harvest of these flavorful and aromatic buds.