Auto White Haze genetics

Indica/Sativa: predominantly  Sativa

Lifecycle: 75-90 days

Yields: Indoor – 500 g/m2

Outdoor – 70-230  g/plant

Height:  100-140 cm

Genotype: White Widow Auto x Haze Auto

THC: 15-22%


White Widow is giant, powerful, and beautiful. Our breeders were able to create something impossible: new version of autoflowering strain that can produce as many buds as its photoperiodic parent.


Taste and Effect

A high THC level guarantees high psycho activity and strong effect. It affects your body and mind in a very balanced long lasting way.  Just enjoy it!



Auto White Haze genetics is a plant with typical Sativa structure. It is middle size indoors (140 cm), but can reach up to 170 cm outdoors. When flowering the plant exudes a very strong aroma, only charcoal filter can help with it when growing indoors.