Auto White Widow genetics

Indica/Sativa: predominantly Sativa
Lifecycle: 70-85 days
Yields: Indoors- 400-600 g/m2
Outdoors- 150-250 g/plant
Height: 80-170 cm
Genotype: Auto White Widow x  Auto Amnesia XXL
THC: 21%


Auto White Widow genetics – the never dying classic with our own twist to it. «White Widow» is a rightful owner of a “legendary strain” title, which has been famous since the 80’s. Our strain variation adopted all the best qualities from her parents: an unbelievably powerful and euphoric effect of White Widow and an enormous size of Amnesia XXL.

Taste and effect

Baffling effect is awaiting everybody who dares to introduce themselves to our Auto White Widow genetics. THC level is around 21%, so you should expect a really strong and long-lasting effect. Everybody who tries it experiences the overwhelming feeling of love and shear delight. Powerful euphoric feeling literally takes you to the skies, giving you a stream of positive emotions. It’s  really good for parties, various social activities and a fun pastime.


Our «White Widow» has a good resistance to fungi, mold, and stress, and strong immune system. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plant itself is pretty large and branchy. On average it takes around 8-9 weeks of flowering to form lots of buds soaking with resins. Yields impress even the most experienced growers!