Black Ultimate genetics fem

Indica/Sativa: mainly Indica
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Yields: Indoor – 400 – 500 g/m2
Outdoor – 150 – 600 per plant
Height: 100 – 150 cm
Genotype: Black D.O.G. x Ultimate Purple
THC: 19%

Strain description:

Our breeders combined two legendary genes to make Black Ultimate genetics become your dream. As an Indica-dominant hybrid it grows into a compact plant to maximize the space usage inside a grow tent. However it provides high yields and a powerful effect! At the end of flowering the buds and leaves demonstrate tremendous shades of blackish-purple, especially if the plant experienced low temperatures at night time. Herein the buds are glittering because of much resin.

Growing process:

Black Ultimate genetics grows well both outdoors and indoors. This strain appears to be pretty undemanding and resistant to diseases and pests. So, even beginners can get a high yields! When growing indoors a plant is of medium sized (around 100-115 cm), while outdoors it can grow up to 150 cm. Enormous buds with short internodes make this strain one of the best options for growing in small space. This genetics also has a short flowering stage and is ready to harvest after only 49-56 days of active flowering. The vegetation period is not long as well: 2-3 weeks of vegetation are more than enough for the plant!

Taste and effect:

Black Ultimate genetics has a great balance of Indica relaxing body high and Sativa mind stimulating, head high effects. This strain is perfect for provoking your creative abilities and at the same time maintaining your motivation levels at day time. On the other hand, if you smoke a little more than needed you will not be able to leave your couch and fall asleep sweetly. Black Ultimate genetics has unique terpenes inherited from parents. You will be excited, for sure. Its dark purple buds are covered with resin and have a sweet intense smell, which reminds of grapes.