Hulk OG genetics fem

Indica/Sativa: mainly Sativa
Flowering: 63-70 days
Yields: Indoor – 500-600 g/m2
Outdoor – 250- 400 g per plant
Height: 140-200 cm
Genotype: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
THC: 23-27%

Strain description:

An incredibly powerful and productive Hulk OG genetics is a sativa dominant hybrid with huge buds. This strain is a combination of the best characteristics of its parents: exuberant growth and high yields of OG Kush and a bright taste of Strawberry Diesel. That plant can be easily compared with a well-known cartoon hero ‘The Incredible Hulk’ due to its impressive size and power!

Growing process:

Hulk OG genetics is really good with its densest buds, big yields, and a strong effect! Its seeds turn into a beautiful plant with purple leaves and bright green buds. The plant is covered with thick layers of trichomes, providing such a high THC level. Besides, a high resin content makes this strain perfect for getting extracts. «Hulks» flowering period is about 63-70 days.

Taste and effect:

A proper care guarantees a high THC level: 23-27% and higher! The effect kicks in at once and can practically clear your head. At first you can feel a mighty stoned effect that will deeply relax your body and mind. Then the effect will smoothly turn into a creative euphoria. So, you can get the best of both worlds: a deep relaxation and a wave of creativity! When it comes to taste and aroma, here you can spot mainly citrus shades with a blush of strawberry.