Lemonade Krush genetics fem

IZI breeders have done a good job crossing wonderful genetics from the USA: Kosher Kush and Lemonade OG. As a result they’ve got the taste very much like the strain name and this refreshing lemonade taste with acidic hints is amazing. Besides Lemonade Kush has a super strong effect. It provides you with a real pleasure and rich terpene profile.

Growing process:

At the end of flowering phase the buds are covered with trichomes looking like diamonds. High resin content makes this plant ideal for extraction. Usually the plant is 120cm high, but it can grow up to 140cm thanks to optimal conditions. Flowering period takes about 8-9 weeks after switching to 12/12 light cycle.

Taste and effect:

The taste is literally lemonade with citrus and acidic hints. Its powerful cerebral effect will make you take a seat, take care; some times it affects you not immediately, but later on. It also provokes creative and intellectual abilities.
As Lemonade Kush from IZI has a high THC level (15-20%) and a powerful effect it helps to get rid of depressions, head aches, stress, and appetite problems.