Sour Gorilla genetics fem

Indica/Sativa: mostly Indica

Flowering period: 58-65 days

Yields: Indoor – 500 g/m2

Outdoor – 150-300 g/plant

Height:  130-250 cm

Genotype: Chocolate Diesel x Chem Sister x Sour Dubb

THC: 17-20%


Sour Gorilla genetics fem is an Indica dominant hybrid of Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dubb. It is a large plant with middle size internodes and light green leaves. It does not look like Indica, but you feel real Indica as soon as you taste it.


Taste and Effect

Sour Gorilla genetics fem gas a strong gas aroma with hints of earth inherited from Chocolate Diesel and Chem Sister. And the highlight of the plant is its Sour Dubb’s sourness. Sour Gorilla genetics fem  also has many caryophyllene and humulene terpenes. Sour Gorilla genetics fem guarantees a very powerful effect thanks to 20% THC , and practically no CBD. It is good for those who like strong cannabis. Its effect is crushing as a slap of a huge gorilla.



Sour Gorilla genetics fem provides really good yields. And the main advantage is a huge amount of resin. We can’t but say about the size of florescence: very dense, heavy, fragrant, and full of resin. At the end of flowering period the buds are shining because of trichomes.