White Haze genetics fem

Indica/Sativa: mostly Sativa

Flowering period: 60-70 days

Yields: Indoor – 650 g/m2

Outdoor – 200-700 g/plant

Height:  130-250 cm

Genotype: Haze x White Widow

THC: 17-21%


White Haze genetics fem is a Sativa dominant hybrid of White Widow and Haze. The plant looks like a Christmas tree stretching both to the sides and upwards. The leaves are long, wide, and thin. A distinctive feature of this plant is its huge central cola.


Taste and Effect

White Haze genetics fem has a strong aroma with notes of lemon, spices, incense and cedar. Very powerful and psychoactive Sativa effect, close to psychedelic. It will definitely make you feel very hungry.



White Haze genetics fem provides enormous yields. The plant is covered with large, thick and full of resin inflorescences. A huge central cola will please any grower. The plant needs much nutrients and light, but its size and yields worth it.